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We would like to introduce or new monthly giveaway! Every month we will choose 3 winners for our monthly prizes.
This month's prizes are as follows:
1st: 4,000 coins and $50 cash.<br>
2nd: 2,000 coins and $25 cash.&...
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Hello members and thank you for using

To celebrate the new year for 2018 we have generated a free 500 coins coupon code for you to redeem on our site.

Simply login and go to the top of this screen and click redeem. Then enter this code [b]2018[/b...
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Proud to announce now on social likes plus we have the abilities now to add Instagram profiles or links. Yes, you can now gain free Instagram followers or likes to your Instagram pictures.

We are sending emails to members who will get redeem coupon code to get free poi...
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We have updated just a little also feel free to like are facebook page which you will see when you first login under the log out button.

Feel free to take part in the affiliate and get paid to invite members. This was $0.20 for each referral you gain but we changed it...
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We now have Super Rewards. Ever run out of coins get free coins by doing activities and free offers. We have 6 Facebook modules now you can get free Facebook Fanpage likes and Facebook Fanpage post likes, Comments, even joins and so much more .

Do hope You are all enj...
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