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We have updated just a little also feel free to like are facebook page which you will see when you first login under the log out button.

Feel free to take part in the affiliate and get paid to invite members. This was $0.20 for each referral you gain but we changed it to $0.30 for each so you gain more money.

Also for those who choose (opitional) Vip this is still $4 for those who want auto traffic exchange and free monthly coins 2500 coins a month.

We are working harder then before on are site and next few weeks you will keep seeing the odd here and there new changes.
We are in the middle of trying to add Instagram and other modules for you members . We are working hard behind the scenes and thankyou to all those who have signed up and used are site not just for your free likes and views and other exchanges. But for also using the exchanges to earn your free coins.

We are now starting to rank good each day in the ALEXA Ranking online and we are so proud are far we have come. We have also recently noticed a few members promoting there referral links on YouTube so well done to those and thankyou.

Why not join groups on facebook there are many advertising and business groups online which allow you to add your referral links. Lets make this site one of the best social exchange websites by the end of the year. Because really the more members the more popular your links or videos will become because they will get more likes, views, subs and even followers. Which ever site your wanting to make popular weather website in our traffic exchange or your facebook pages to twitter and youtube profiles and channels.

This site will make you popular. Also maybe your own a PTC site or other affiliate websites try are banner ads .

Another thankyou from Sociallikesplus have a great day.
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