Author: adminViews: 564 | Comments: 0 | Date: 28 Mar 2017 10:46
We have added a new service we hope you all like.

We now have on are site Super Rewards. Earn more free coins to get the best out of your free likes , followers and subscribers.

Over the past few day's We have added Pinterest, Facebook, and also now we have super rewards. Sometime next week we will be adding either a contest page or YouTube promoter and more also if you like instagram let us know we will be adding that as well .

If you have a website it is good idea to post your website link on your facebook page . WHY ? Because if you check on google social signals checker then go on the blackhat link you can enter your URL and it will tell you which social network is pointing to your website.

So try post your link on your page and then use are site and add the post to facebook post likes to grow your signals. Keep checking from time to time the social signals link and check your signals . You will notice it increases. Try tweeting for some reason tweets don't show on the checkers does same with other sites.

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