1) What is social Likes Plus ?
Social Likes Plus is our new social exchange website which allows members to join for free and advertise there websites and social networks.
2) Can I get YouTube Subscribers And Views For Free ?
Yes you can get them for free and even likes to your video.
3) How do I start What do I do ?
First thing you need to do is sign up to our site its free of course and then login add Your website or Youtube even twitter and more features to come soon. You will get free $1 and 1000 points to start you off.
4) How does the system work ?
The system pays members in points for doing simple daily exchanges. For example click of youtube in earn coins section on first page and watch videos earn coins and also can retweet twitter tweets for coins/points. The more points the better as when other members join they be doing the same as you. They will see your website or videos and click them to earn there points.